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    November 27, 2018

Do laundry like a boss

Do you love laundry? Really love laundry? Do you see yourself making money helping other people with theirs?


Earn $24 a basket doing other people’s laundry

You earn $24 for each standard washing basket of wash, dry and fold plus $2.40 per item you iron. We estimate that a washing basket of clothes might take just half an hour of “hands on” time to sort and prepare, put in and pull out of a washing machine and dryer, and then fold. It’s not hard. And that means you could earn up to $48 per “hands on” hour from a single washing machine and dryer.


Really want to make money?

The more experienced you are with laundry, the faster you’ll be. How fast can you iron a single item such as a shirt? If you’re organised, you can overlap washing, drying and ironing across multiple baskets and clients and really earn like a boss.

Just want a little extra money coming in while you study or look after a baby? Go ahead and get on with other stuff while the washer and dryer do their thing – you have at least 24 hours to get the job done.


Do you have what it takes to become a Laundry Point launderer?

You’ll need to know how to do laundry, be pretty good at ironing, have a keen eye for detail and be ready to provide a reliable, friendly service. You already love laundry, so we know you’ll do a quality job.

You must have (as a minimum):

  • car
  • washing machine
  • dryer
  • iron
  • ironing board
  • non-smoking household
  • pet hair free zone


Who are we?

Laundry Point is a startup company out of Melbourne, you could say we’re the locally made Uber of laundry. We own and operate a prestigious 40 year family dry cleaning business so there really is nothing that we don’t know about washing and ironing. We offer you our total support and online training as and when you need it. Otherwise, you are in total control of your day using our purpose-built app which sends you notifications of laundry work in your area which you are free to accept or decline as you see fit.


How do I get started?

Simply visit our website for more information and register your interest. We will call you for an interview and to answer any questions you may have. If you like what you hear and you have what it takes, you will be invited to subscribe to the Laundry Point app for $20 per month which gives you everything you need to run your own laundry business.


Did you say $20 per month subscription fee?

Yes we did. The fee funds the ongoing maintenance of the apps (is that another iPhone update??), manning the Help Desk, providing arbitration if something goes wrong, developing the training videos etc etc. It also ensures the ongoing integrity of the system by keeping people out who aren’t going to try to make at least, say, $150 per month to make the subscription fee worthwhile. Tyre kickers only serve to take work from people who really want to earn like a boss and probably aren’t going to become experienced enough to do a really quality job for the clients that we worked so hard to bring you.

Flexibility, zero start-up costs, no contracts, help desk advice available whenever you need it. Kind of makes the $20 per month subscription a pretty good deal, doesn’t it?

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